Coin necklaces are one of the season’s biggest accessories trends, with celebrities and influencers putting their money where they can see it – literally! Here are three way we’re styling the look right now.

Layered with other pieces

For a very personal and individual look, try layering your coin pendant with two or three other necklaces. Stick with the same colour metal (either silver or gold) but opt for necklaces of different lengths to boost the visual impact. Look for vintage necklaces at the markets or add a piece that holds sentimental value – the beauty is in the mix and the unique combination helps your coin pendant become part of your personal style story.

Try it with: The Marian

With a white shirt

A white shirt is as classic as they come, but even the classics need an update occasionally! Lend your shirt an easy bohemian charm by leaving the top few buttons undone and adding one or two gold coin pendants. Opt for a necklace with a shorter chain so that the pendant sits right at the top of the sternum. So flattering! The beauty of this look is its versatility – simply roll up your sleeves and half-tuck your shirt to take it from office essential to vacation must-have.

Try it with: The Madonna

Over a turtleneck

While a coin-adorned necklace is a natural fit for your summer accessories wardrobe, it can also make a strong statement in the colder months. Turtleneck knits are one of the biggest trends this winter and it just so happens they also make a perfect base for a coin necklace. For this look, keep your turtleneck sleek and fitted and team it with a single necklace punctuated by multiple coins for a neat sense of symmetry.

Try it with: The Alexandria